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What Sets us Apart from the Competition?

This is a set of PerryParts Tacoma Bumpstops

We believe that every aspect of your vehicle should be optimized for an exceptional driving experience, and we're committed to making that a reality. That's why our reliable bump stops are designed to set a new industry standard for durability and performance, all while saving you money. Bump stops play a critical role in a vehicle's suspension, so why settle for an overpriced part from a rubber mold when you can have a superior solution?

At PerryParts, our 3D printed bumpstops are made from industrial-grade thermoplastic polyurethane and precision engineered to create a one-of-a-kind multi-layered structure. This structure offers superior performance, longevity, and provides a soft and comfortable ride

early in travel while providing the support your suspension needs exactly when it needs it. With additive manufacturing, we can create a unique, complex layered structure that traditional rubber injection molding simply can't match. This durable design not enables advanced compression and rebound damping but it also saves you money.

We're constantly expanding our product line to offer the same high-quality products across multiple platforms and meet the diverse needs of our customers. Whether you're looking to improve your suspension's performance for your daily drive or you're pushing your suspension to the limit off-road, we aim to provide the same level of quality and reliability in all aspects of your vehicle. We now even offer interior vehicle modifications on select models, furthering our mission of practical design and quality construction.

Do you have a specific vehicle modification in mind? Let us know! Our team of experts is dedicated to providing you with the best products and support, so you can enjoy the road ahead without worrying about any bumps along the way. 

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