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Frequently Asked Questions

Below you'll find some of the frequently asked questions. Don't see what your looking for? Contact us! We're happy to help you get the most for your vehicle whether you need help with installation or need a custom part.

Q: How do these perform relative to other bumpstop products on the market?

A: We build our product to meet or exceed the performance of other bumpstops. Our unique air damping system increases our products performance compared to simple molded rubber or polyurethane solutions. This air damping allows for our bumpstops to be stiffer in hard impacts while also being able to build pressure slowly on smoother terrain.

Other companies measure their bumpstops up to an arbitrary force threshold. This is only part of the story. It’s important to capture the full force feedback curve of the bumpstop to understand its' response properly.


Q: Why 3D Printing?

A: 3D printing enables design freedom that we otherwise can not achieve with traditional molding. This design freedom lets us add features to our products, while also using uniquely high strength materials. Our polymer is approximately 20% stronger than traditional molded polyurethane.

Q: How tough are your bumpstops?

A: We have several hundred orders out in the wild with no known functional failures to date - we’ve also personally run our bump stops on and off road for over a year with no issues. That said - we offer our 2 year, no-questions asked warranty to ensure that if you are able to break your bumpstops, we can learn how to improve our product, and you’ll get a brand new pair out of it

NH Offroad-1000.jpg

Q: What is your lead time to ship?

A: We ship all orders within 10 business days of ordering. Most orders ship sooner than that, but 10 days is the maximum you'll see from us. Should our lead time exceed 10 days, we'll add a banner to the homepage to inform customers.

If you have a rush order, please reach out via email, so we can prioritize your shipment.

Q: How does your warranty work?

A: Our warranty is the best in the business. If you break your bumpstops while in use on your vehicle, in any way, for up to 2 years from date of purchase, just send us a photo, and you'll receive a new set with free shipping. No hassles, no issues.

Warranty is only inclusive of the bump stops themselves, and does not cover any other part of the vehicle. 


Q: Do I need the "Long Travel" bump stops?

A: We only recommend using our LT style bumps for vehicles with extended travel (AKA long travel) rear shocks. 

Adding LT bumps to a vehicle without LT rear shocks will diminish suspension travel and performance. 

Unsure if you have LT rear shocks? Most manufacturers advertise it with their kit. Look for "extended travel" or "long travel" in the description.

Q: Do you do custom designed products for specialty applications?

A: Yes! We absolutely do custom designed solutions. Reach out and we’ll help you engineer the perfect solution for any vehicle. Even motorcycles!


Q: What vehicles will be supported in the future?

A: We’re always working to build the number of vehicles we support. If you don’t see your vehicle on our site - reach out. We’d be happy to work with you to create a bumpstop for your vehicle type.

How can we help?

Contact us for help on anything you might have before getting started on your journey! We're able help with custom orders, shipping information and installation.

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