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Your trust in our products fuels our passion, and this page is dedicated to sharing that connection. Explore real customer reviews, photos of off-road installs, links to in-depth articles, and insights into how our patent pending bump stops perform in the wild.

"For the price, I believe they are by far the best suspension upgrade you can do to your vehicle." -Trail4R

"The smooth and yet firm engagement upon suspension compression is way better than anything else I used on the market " -IH8MUD

"These bump stops in my opinion are the best bang for buck on the market."
- Causally Uploaded

"I love my PerryParts AeroBumps, they've performed perfectly."
- Lexus Off Road Adventures

Matt C.

"Just got back from the desert. These bump stops made a big difference in comfort compared to stock. No more slams and much more progressive. Thanks PerryParts!"


Johnny N.

"Definitely one of the best mods I did on my rig lol. Didn’t know I needed them until I put them on. 100% recommend"


Daklak F.

"Epic trail, Muddy, Snowy, Steep hill, Rock crawl, 4lo-1st gear-rear locker, Full gears tested in all conditions, Exploration, Adventure, Epic camp spot, GREAT COMPANION.

So glad to do another trip to check off my bucket list.

Special thanks to PerryParts for fast delivery of special built bumpstop assisting my heavy weight rig and 35s."

Walter A.

"Wheeled pretty hard I broke my 4wd lol. These bump stops are good man. I really think you got a great product"


Rory C.

"The 33/34in bump stop vs the OEM one threaded straight into the hole no issues at all. First trip out using them will be this weekend I’ll let you all know how they handle some quick dirt roads slow moderate rocky trails. So far they seem super nice!"



Just installed on my 2019 Tacoma, its perfect!!

Kyle T.

"A big difference from my wheelers superbumps. They both soak up harshness well but feel way more "controlled""

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