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2 years ago, we re-invented the bump stop.


Designed for a bottomless, progressive ride feel, with unmatched compression damping and control. 

Learn more about our product, and its design here:

A: We built the first truly dynamic bump stop. Our 3D-printed bump stop uses tailored internal air passages to achieve efficient compression damping. As they compress, air resistance through the ports dissipates energy, enhancing impact absorption and vehicle stability. This customizable approach allows for precise performance tuning, offering optimized control across all driving conditions.

Q: What makes Perry Parts Bump Stops unique?

Building upon our design, we also have the ability to adjust size, shape, damping, and stiffness at will. This lets us precisely tailor every bump stop to each vehicle we support. Say goodbye to one-size-fits-all. Each and every part we build is perfectly tailored to your setup.

Q: How do Perry Parts bump stops compare to the competition?

A: We benchmark and tune everything we build on our suspension dyno, and then we worked with a third party to validate our results. Our product provides unparalleled dynamic response, more consistent rebound control, and strong, effective suspension protection.

Q: How do 3D printed parts hold up to abuse?

A: We cycle tested our parts out to 100,000 cycles to demonstrate their longevity - and we cycled our parts to 1000 lbs more than any of our competitors test their parts for a single cycle.


We build our own machines - specifically to build our parts from ultra-premium material. Our bump stops are built from industrial grade polymer, which is about 20% stronger than cast polyurethane - and could not be built with any other machine. You can learn more about our process here: 

A: Damping is the dissipation of energy in a moving system - the most common example of a damper is a shock absorber. When a shock is compressed and rebounds, it resists movement in both directions. On compression, this is called compression damping, and on rebound, it's called rebound damping.

Superfastmatt on Youtube has a great explanation on what damping is:

Q: What is damping?

A: Because damping only occurs when a system is moving, you can only measure damping with a dynamic test, such as a suspension dyno.

Other bump stop manufacturers claim "smooth progressive damping" while testing their product in a spring rater, taking static, zero velocity data points. All this tells you is the static spring rate of the product. Perry Parts is the only bump stop manufacturer employing industry leading test hardware to validate our products.

Q: How do you measure damping?

We're here to answer your questions! If you're unsure about any of our products and their compatibility we're here to help. We're also able help with custom orders, shipping information and run through any questions regarding the installation of your Perry Parts bump stops.

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