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Your trust in our products fuels our passion, and this page is dedicated to sharing that connection. Explore real customer reviews, photos of off-road installs, links to in-depth articles, and insights into how our patent pending bump stops perform in the wild.

"For the price, I believe they are by far the best suspension upgrade you can do to your vehicle." -Trail4R

"These bump stops in my opinion are the best bang for buck on the market."  - Causally Uploaded

"I love my PerryParts AeroBumps, they've performed perfectly."
- Lexus Off Road Adventures

"The smooth and yet firm engagement upon suspension compression is way better than anything else I used on the market " -IH8MUD




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Functional Failures


Break your bump stops within the first 2 years? We'll replace them free of charge, no questions asked. Our warranty reflects our belief: we've created the market's best bump stops and we're ready for you to test their limits.

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