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We reached out to an independent third party to test our product vs our competitors to fully understand how they all stack up, using industry leading test hardware to study their dynamic, variable rate nature.

A high-speed, Fixed-displacement test was performed to study 4 key bump stop performance metrics. 

Midwest Suspension Co, professionals in the suspension industry performed this testing on their suspension dyno.

All products tested are designed and sold for the same vehicle applications.

  1. Damping - Energy dissipation (damping) is vital for moderating the energy from off road impacts, contributing to a smoother, more controlled ride. Perry Parts bump stops dramatically outperformed the competition, registering up to 4x more damping than other bump stops tested.

  2. Progressive Spring Rate - Progressive spring rate on a bump stop provide variable resistance, enhancing comfort during small bumps while offering increase support during large impacts, improving control and safety. With Perry Parts unique additive manufacturing process, our bump stops achieved an effective progressive spring rate, while maintaining the most consistent rebound velocity.

  3. Early Engagement - A bump stop that engages too early can unnecessarily stiffen the suspension, compromising ride comfort and handling. If the bump stop engages too late, it risks allowing the suspension to bottom out, leading to potential damage and reduced control. Perry Parts and DuroBumps bump stops achieved what we believe is the "goldilocks" engagement zone, engaging at just the right time. Not too early. Not too late.

  4. Suspension Protection - An insufficient bump stop can lead to suspension damage by failing to adequately absorb impacts, allowing the suspension to bottom out and subjecting components to excessive stress and strain. Perry Parts and Super Bumps offered the best protection, followed closely by DuroBumps, then Energy, Timbren, and finally SumoSprings.


The Test:

Hear an expert's opinion:

We reached out to a third party - Midwest Suspension LLC to run this test, and then provide their thoughts and conclusions. Check out what they had to say here:

The Data

Data collected/validated by Midwest Suspension LLC
Some variability in data is to be expected due to manufacturing variation
All products are sold and used for the same vehicle application

By meticulously engineering our bump stop design and manufacturing process, we leverage advanced materials and precision 3D printing techniques to surpass the performance benchmarks set by the competition. Our tailored approach allows for unparalleled customization and fine-tuning of damping characteristics, ensuring optimal performance for specific vehicle dynamics. This dedication to innovation and quality enables us to deliver bump stops that provide superior protection, longevity, and ride comfort, setting a new standard in the industry.

How do we achieve this?

We're here to answer your questions! If you're unsure about any of our products and their compatibility we're here to help. We're also able help with custom orders, shipping information and run through any questions regarding the installation of your Perry Parts bump stops.

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