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Perry Parts started as a passion for additive manufacturing which grew to a full-scale business thanks to people like you!

I started my career at Apple, and spent six years working on the Advanced Manufacturing team, and the Mac Manufacturing Design team. While at Apple, I met incredible people who introduced me to overlanding and offroading. I purchased my GX470 while in CA, and have been upgrading and modifying it since.

Perry Parts began when I broke a competitor's product prior to an overlanding trip. I had been experimenting with a new material called TPU, and decided to 3D print a prototype bump stop from it. It performed far better than I expected, and after many iterations, I felt it was ready to try out with the GX community.

Since that first bump stop, we've moved across the country, back home to New Hampshire, to focus on Perry Parts, and to grow the business. We've also tuned the product dozens of times. Improving ride feel, progression, size/shape, and enhancing durability.

More importantly, we've created over 30 unique product designs, set a new standard for testing these types of products, and created a new manufacturing process that we call FPF (Fused Pellet Fabrication)

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