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PerryParts Spring Conversion Kit



One of the best mods for your GX is to replace the old airbag springs with coil springs. 


Our coil spring conversion kit bolts right into the OEM location, and has a unique "snap fit" to hold all the parts together during install. You'll no longer need 3 hands to get your coil lined up with the isolator and the mount. The kit also helps accomodate for the drivers side lean that is common with these vehicles.


Additionally, through careful hardware selection, this kit has allowed us to eliminate the lower washer - further simplifying the install process and making it as easy as possible to get your coils into place. No more holding a washer, nut, and wrench all with one hand.


Each order is for a pair of coil coversion mounts, with isolators.


Liability disclaimer: 

By installing this product on your vehicle you assume all risk and liability. Seller will not be held liable for any damages or losses associated with the installation or use of this product for any reason.

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